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    First Aid Quest     

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To successfully complete this Quest you will need to work cooperatively in groups of four. Each student in the group will need to assume one of the four roles.

Role 1: Choking expert:  Research information on how to recognize someone is choking and the procedure to save them.

Role 2: CPR Expert:  Research information on CPR and be able to identify people in need of CPR and the steps involved.

Role 3: Bleeding Expert:  Research information on lacerations and severe bleeding, recognize persons in need of help, and be able to give immediate emergency first aid.

Role 4: Burn Expert:  Research information on burns. Know how to treat a burn and how to react if someone catches on fire.

[Task] [Top of Page]

1. In teams of four decide who will become an expert in each of these areas: Choking, CPR, Burns, and Bleeding.

2. View the videos of the accident victims.

3. Click on related links to retrieve information on a particular injury.

4. Compile information into a medical dictionary. Include an index, a list of emergency names and numbers, and a list of items to include in a first aid kit, also describe the procedures used to help each victim, don't forget to include your worksheets.

5. Develop a Hyperstudio quiz that will test knowledge gained from the first aid webquest.


[Process] [Top of Page]

1. View the video clips of the accident victims by clicking the links below. To return to this page click on the first aid box.

  1. Choking
  2. CPR
  3. Bleeding
  4. Burns

2. Go to and print off the worksheet for your area of specialty by visiting the sites below. Then click File/ Print.

  1. Choking
  2. CPR
  3. Bleeding
  4. Burns

3. Explore the links located below to gain knowledge and build an expertise in Choking, CPR, Bleeding, and Burns according to your area of specialty.


4. If needed return to the links for Choking, CPR, Bleeding, and Burns to complete the worksheet.

[Evaluation] [Top of Page]

Students will be evaluated based on the content of their medical dictionary and the sophistication of the Hyperstudio quiz they developed.  The total points for the first aid quest is 100 points.  50 points for completing all the information indicated in the first aid dictionary and 50 points for developing a Hyperstudio quiz that is unique and will test other's knowledge.  

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Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care Prepared for the Instruction of Advanced First Aid Classes, by the American Red Cross, Garden City, NY. Doubleday publishers, 1973.

American First Aid textbook, prepared by the American National Red Cross for the Instruction of First Aid Classes, Garden City, NY. Doubleday publishers, 1957.

[Teacher Tips] [Top of Page]

Be sure to have an example of a first aid kit for the class to see.  Talk with the children about their discoveries.   What are some of of the emergency numbers given to them by their parents.  Also, make the local phone book available to the children if any questions arise about emergency numbers in their area.  Encourage students to use their medical dictionaries when creating their hyperstudio quiz.












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