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A Medical Adventure!!


A car traveling at high speed suddenly crashes. It throws its passengers from the car. The first victim is rendered unconscious, the second is cut badly, the third is choking on a Chalupa from Taco Bell and the fourth is ignited by the flames. All are injured and need your help will you complete this quest in time to save them?

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In this quest...

Your team of four volunteers have been called in to help rescue victims in a car crash. You must determine what is wrong with the patients and research the information needed to save their lives. You must examine the victims and compile the information and the first aid needed to help them. Have you ever seen anything like this?



All rights reserved. Copyright 2002 by Deanna Barden, Brecken Donecker, and Jamie Thornbrugh
Comments or Questions? Please email Deanna , Brecken, or Jamie.